Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I planned on joining Ginny today for her weekly Yarn Along because it is a motivator to get a knitting project underway!
I started this extra wide basket weave scarf a while back.  I tucked it away in a basket because our winter was so mild that I didn't think I would use it.
winter has arrived!

I purchased some economy wool to knit this scarf for myself....I will knit until I run out of yarn....not sure about adding fringe yet.  I am making it extra wide because I do not care for wearing hats (they do crazy things to my curly hair), and I plan on wrapping the scarf around my head and neck on those extra cold days.

As far as what I am was TRASH!
And that is exactly where I put it this morning!!!!
I think I need to read a little farther than just the dust jacket to see the content of the book before I purchase it!

Enjoy your day!  I have a scarf to finish!!!


Jessica Snell said...

Oh dear! Yeah, I always skim through books before I buy them or take them home from the library. It's no fun to get something home and find it's not what you hoped for.

no spring chicken said...

Your scarf is GORGEOUS! Just look at all of those stitches... :{

And a trash book? I know about those. It's the hardest thing to put a book in the trash but then I imagine the alternative being donating it to a thrift store where it will end up in the hands of perhaps some other innocent victim - in the trash it goes!

Blessings, Debbie

Cheryl said...

Nice idea to make the scarf bigger. I'm yet to find a knitted hat that suits me (the irony!), so something that can be pulled up over my head when needed would be good.

Betty Lou said...

Winters is arriving late this year and your scarf should keep you nice and warm. A nice pattern.