Sunday, February 27, 2011

Feeding Esau

On Friday night I was tucked in my bed when my phone got a text.
It was from my son, who had been snowboarding on a very cold night.

I am 18 miles from home.
I am hungrier than Esau coming in from the wilderness---
would you please make me an omelet?

Now that is hungry!!!!
So, I made him an omelet.
A very large one.
And he didn't even have to trade his birthright for it.  :)

I have been saving my egg shells.
They will be added to the garden soil in the spring.
Not only are they useful....

but they offer a lot of entertainment for Friendie.

I will be drawing for the Soap Surprise Give-A-Way on Tuesday.
My little helper will be spending the day with his Great Grandma, so maybe I can get "Esau" to draw a name from the basket for me.  :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Needlepoint Cheer

I do not do needlepoint.  Maybe someday I might attempt it, but for now.....well...I have enough unfinished projects to keep me busy for the rest of the year....maybe longer.

One day while I was thrifting, I came across a vegtable needlepoint that I thought would add some charm to my pantry.  I know it is just a closet under the steps, but I like to add some visual interests to otherwise boring places in my home....because I do spend almost all my time here. 

There were 2 other colorful needlepoint pictures that someone had put a lot of work into (and then paid to have framed).
Something in me just couldn't leave them behind.

They were priced really cheap....which instead of thrilling me for finding such a great deal, I actually felt a little bad for the creative soul that put so much time into the pictures.....only to have them end up donated at a thrift store.

I really had no "vision" as to where I would hang them.

So I hung them in my line of vision on the wall next to my sewing I can enjoy them while I sit and sew.  Lately my time at the sewing machine has been dealing with the basket of new needlepoint pictures made even that job seem enjoyable!!!

It isn't too late to leave a comment in my previous Soap give-a-way post for the chance to win a free bar of Apple Valley Natural Soap!
I should have mentioned how much I like their Kitchen Soap.....I thought of it tonight as I washed the onion smell right off my washes away garlic also.  I keep a bar in a little dish right next to the the cutest little dish that I found at the Goodwill....of course!  :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Soap Surprise Give-A-Way

 I have already shared my excitment over the great soap I discovered a while back.  You can read my last blog entry about it HERE.  It is time to get another soap order ready.  I was excited to see the all of the wonderful products Natalie has available.
Natalie and family not only make soap, but a wonderful salve that I will be reordering.  I originally bought the Soothing Herbal Salve to use on Friendie's very sensitive skin.  Because I keep it handy in the kitchen, it gets used for every itchy and owie that shows up.  (Friendie has an ink tag irritation, so any clothing that has the tagless ink tag markings inside the garment makes his skin break out in a rash.  We try to always cover the ink with a large bandage, but sometimes they fall off and his poor little neck needs a good slathering of Soothing Herbal Salve because it really does sooth his skin.)
Something you won't find everywhere are the all natural Shampoo and Body Bars.  I will order the guys some bars for their gym bags so they don't have to worry about their liquid products leaking out....or freezing solid in this Minnesota winter! 
Speaking of Minnesota winters.....they also sell a Lip Balm called Minnesota Winter.....and only $2.50 a stick....why didn't I have it when I was running around in the -30 degree windchill??? 
I have purchased their Lanolin Wool Wash Bar to give as a gift.  Check out their blog entry on how to use a Wool Wash Bar.  

I sent Natalie an email with a question about her soaps.  She is so gracious and offered to GIVE-A-WAY a FREE BAR of soap to one of my blog readers!!! 

I hope you will take time to check out Apple Valley Natural Soap online.

To enter your name in the drawing for a free bar of soap, just leave me a comment with the name of one of the bars that you would be interested in trying. 
(I need to limit this gift to mailing in the US only this time....not that I don't totally appreciated my foreign blog friends)

If you want to meet Natalie and learn more about her family and their buisness, stop by and visit her blog
What a great looking family!
(gotta love the little bashful one in the front)

I will leave comments open until the end of the month.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Heart Day

May every day be a 'Happy Heart Day'!!!

(A special give-a-way is coming later in the week)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Good Grief....Just Bind It!

I bought this Jo's Little Women pattern and fabric in a kit a few years ago.
It sat in my sewing cabinet for a long time.
One weekend I finally cut out the fabric and sewed the top together.
Then it sat on my sewing table for a long time.
One evening I decided it wouldn't take much time to machine quilt such a small quilt....and it didn't....I even sewed the binding on.
Then it sat neatly folded on my ironing board for a long time.

Then Christmas projects took priority.
After that....there are no excuses.

One night this week I sewed up a couple gifts for a young friend who just had her third baby....
a reversible apron....

and a Minkee snuggle blanket for her new little son.

I was glad I still had a yummy bar of Lemon soap from my last order with Apple Valley Natural Soap to include with the gift.

While I was cleaning up from my projects, I came across some small spools of thread that I had picked up on one of my thrifting outings.
Looking through the selection of colored thread triggered something in my brain......

Oh yes.....the unfinished binding....which sat for too long because I didn't think I had any cheddar colored thread!!!
It was here all along!
It is now sitting on my dining room table.....
and it will NOT be there for long!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Another Inside Day

There will not be any of this today....
(the windchill is -26)

There will be some of this today...
(Gonzo is "visiting" again)

And I will be heading for my sewing room as soon as Friendie takes his afternoon nap......
right after I prepare the Bareroots pattern to mail to Joanne whose name was drawn from the give-a-way comments.
Thank you for all who left a comment and entered.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Gotta Give Some Away.....

It is easy to just tuck away a pattern.
They don't take up much space.
It might be one you have already made.
It might be one you are planning to make.
Or it just might be one you already have!!!!

Yep....another duplicate in my pile....
but not for long!!!

This Bareroots pattern is needing a new home.
If you are interested, just leave a comment and Friendie will draw a name on Monday morning.
(click on the photo to enlarge)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Use Your Noodle.....It's About Time!!!!!

I have been wanting to make homemade pasta for a long time.
A really long time.
I have had the "tools"....I have had the "time"....but I wasn't sure I had the "talent".
Little did I know....
no "talent" is required!!!!

I also found out that very little "time" is required!!!!
I mixed up the dough in my KitchenAid mixer....
let it 'rest' for 15 minutes...

Effortlessly rolled it through the pasta machine....
allowed the noodles to dry briefly...

and enjoyed hamburger stroganoff for our evening meal!!!
It was delicious.
I am glad I finally used my 'noodle'!!!!

Whole Wheat Pasta
4 servings

1 1/2 cup all purpose flour
1 1/2 cup wheat flour
1/2 tsp sea salt
4 eggs
2 tsp olive oil
water if needed (I used about 2 Tbsp)

Allow pasta to air dry at least 15 minutes to avoid it clumping together.

Cook in boiling water for 1 -2 minutes.

I used Gold N White flour
I was amazed at how effortless the whole process was...
and the above recipe was the perfect amount to feed 4 of us with a small bowl left over.