Monday, June 28, 2010

Like Sands Through The Hour Glass....

So are the days of our lives....

During my college days I watched the soap opera, Days Of Our Lives.  That was back in the days when it was rather realistic....then it got crazy with the drama of people not being who you thought they were....and others returning from the I turned off my little black and white TV and decided to focus on my own life, instead of Roman and Marlena and Bo and Hope.
I found this little sand timer at the Goodwill last week.  I don't need it, but as I stood there turning it over and over I started thinking that right now I am feeling like my life is passing as quickly as those sands.
We got married young.  It will be 27 years this next month.  I have been a mother for 25 years, and a Grammie for 6 years (although there was a gap when Hannah died and before Friendie was born).
It seems like just yesterday when I was a carefree youth.....when my only real desire when I grew up was to get married and be a mommy.
I am thankful God gave me my desires.
On Tuesday I will be going into the hospital for a few days.  I will no longer be able to have more babies (not that we had planned more).....but it has me thinking about those days of anticipation as we planned our pregnancies and welcomed those 4 little ones into our home.  God has blessed me, and the last thing I want to do is complain about my lot....but I sure would appreciate some prayers.
I also want you to know that any blog posts or comments left after Tuesday morning at 8:00 could be influenced by legal drugs.  :)

Friday, June 25, 2010

B Is For.....



Bag full of thread ($2.99 at the Goodwill)....

Baby kitten (that son's girlfriend brought home)......
(I am not smiling)

Bar of chocolate.....

My personal favorite....

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Exceeding My Expectations

There is a new shop in my area.  I knew it was coming.  I knew it had opened.  I planned to go there.
Saturday was the Grand Opening.  I decided that was a good day to go.  I had already seen some photos on Karen's blog, but I thought it would be nice to see it in person.
Farmhouse Woolens and Dry Goods totally blew me away!!!!

I walked in the front door expecting a rather typical little shopping experience.
OH MY GOODNESS.....was I in for a treat!!!!
Not only is there an abundance of yummy wools, but Karen has a great assortment of quilting fabrics....with more Civil War era fabrics on the way!

You will find great gifts and decor everywhere you look.
These candles smell good enough to eat!

I enjoyed being able to browse through the patterns in the baskets.

I knew Karen would have everything artfully arranged.
(Except for her office   ;) ......and we all know creative people have messy desks....please don't tell me differently....I have been using that excuse for most of my life).

I didn't need anymore thread, but how could I resist this charming display...and she does have some really fun colors.

Farmhouse Woolens has lots of kits made up....and that is my kind of shopping!

How rude of me to not get everyone's names...but let me tell you...they are some of the friendliest ladies you will ever meet!
Not only friendly, but very talented.  Kari (far right) even had some gorgeous samples of her pillow pattern on display.  I didn't ask her permission to photograph them....but check out her blog....and you will see what I mean.  :)
Karen sends out an email newsletter once a week.  She talks about what is happening at the store and is introducing us to some of her "peeps".
Because she has an online store, she graciously offers specials to her newsletter readers.  Check out Farmhouse Woolens and Dry won't be disappointed!
Oh....and there were sweets....

I went home (2 hours later) with a bag full of fun projects, a chocolate chip cookie to nibble on my way home (wish I would have taken two...they were awesome) and a smile on my face because Farmhouse Woolens totally exceeded my expectations!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Everyone Needs A Quilting Friend!

(My daughter has the media card for my camera, so I have not been able to take any new photos for my blog. I have not been doing much sewing this past week, but I do have a sweet little baby sweater that I will share with you soon.)

I am not involved with any quilt guilds right now.  My time will come, but right now I want to be available when Friendie needs to spend the day with Grammie.
I do go to the Common Threads Quilt Shop once a month with a group of friends.  We are doing a "Thrifty Thursday" block of the month.  It cost $5 for the first block kit.  If you return the next month with the block completed, you get the next kit free.  You have the potential to end up with 12 blocks that only cost you $5!!!!  There were 3 fabric options....I picked Civil War.  The fabric comes already cut out.....there really is no excuse for not getting it done in time. 
 We get to see all the new fabrics, patterns and updates to the shop while we are there.  Of course we never leave the shop without a bag of goodies....we are only human.  :)

(I am wearing the red jacket in the center)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

One Person's Junk.....

The elderly man across the road from us is getting ready to put his house up for sale.  He has 3 sheds, a garage and a huge shop....and they were all full....of junk!  Now, what is "junk" to one person could be a treasure to someone else......and he did manage to sell a garage full of maybe it would be fair to say it was "good junk".
I was not going to wander over his direction until later in the day (when I took him some supper), but something across the way caught my eye.....

This old heater fits right into my Scandinavian dining room.  He had it marked $15.......I couldn't just leave it!  It was a little dusty, but the painting is in mint condition.  I have the same heater, only painted black up in my sewing room.....I just think they are sweet. 
I was a little too anxious with my photo....I guess I didn't bend over properly since the photo looks really does sit nice and straight. 
Who would have thought this would be tucked away with all that "junk".  :)

Once Upon A Summer Winner

I am overwhelmed with the response I received from all of you for my doubled up book, Once Upon A Summer.  Thank you for taking the time to stop by and leave a comment.  I wish I had 50 books to give away!
An extra special thank you to Mary at Quilt Hollow for passing along the information to her blogging friends.  I am having a great time checking out all of your blogs!

The winner of the book is CarolI am pleased to send you the book, just send me your mailing address and I will have it in the mail soon!

I am excited to show you what I rescued from my neighbor's junk sale......I just have to get it cleaned up first!