Sunday, February 28, 2010


This is a fun game....somewhat educational....I highly recommend it!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Little Swedish Gift

We made a road trip to watch my nephews play basketball on Tuesday evening.
Because of the distance, we don't get to many of their activities....but we always enjoy our time when we are there.
My sister has a lovely home.  I couldn't help leaving her these sweet linens from Sweden...and because she reads this blog....I am expecting her comments to be in Swedish! 

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Battle

Our dog, Bella, is now almost 8 months old.  She is learning her boundaries in the house, so we allow her a lot of time outside of her kennel.
The large room off the kitchen is her main area.  There is no carpet and I can usually see or hear her while she is there.
She is a good dog, but her shedding issues are another story.  I just can't keep up with the hair!  I told my husband something needs to be done.  My sister got a Furminator for her two Golden Retrievers and said it works great.  I had hopes that my husband would rush out and purchase one - because it is his dog and he does take very good care of her - but after a very annoying weekend of dog hair floating around, I took matters in my own hands!
I came home with the arsenal.....

this is a battle I plan on winning!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Swedish Coffee Holten

Being part Swedish, I couldn't resist this little my favorite Goodwill store....of course.

Now I need to have a coffee party to see if it truly does keep the coffee hot for hours. doesn't last that long around here.  :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Farm Fresh Goodness

  I buy my eggs from Karen.  They look like colored Easter eggs (although the greens didn't really turn out in my photo).  Karen is one of "Mother Nature's Daughters"- according to an article written about her and her lifestyle in our local paper a while back.  She is a delightful person.  Karen has a blog, if you want to meet her.    But, the most interesting information you will learn about her, comes from this article.  Mother Nature's Daughter.
Have YOU ever plowed a field using horses?

Did I mention these are the best eggs we have ever eaten?  Oh, and she delivers them right to my door.  :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thrifty Thursday

There is a really nice little quilt shop 50 miles from here.  They offer lots of classes and gatherings every month.  A group of 6 of us decided to make the drive once a month to join the "Thrifty Thursday" group.  It cost $5 to join.  Each month you get a packet of fabric.....already cut...with the pattern included.  If you attend the gathering....with your previous month's block get the next block free.  If you miss a month, or don't complete the will cost you another $5.  If you keep up each month, you can end up with 12 different blocks....for only $5.....that is the "thrifty" part.  :) 
There were three fabric choices.  Batiks, 30's Prints, or Civil War fabrics.
I decided on Civil War.

Show and Tell is encouraged.
I have not spent any time in my sewing room this past month....sad, but true.  I am trying to use sewing as a "reward" for when I have my other work caught up.....does that tell you anything???
I did make a pillowcase for my favorite little boy......who really loves this story book...
This is his favorite page.....and gets him bouncing all over the place...
I love that little Monkey!

I bought a lamp at Target to put next to the reading chair I got for my sits in our bedroom, so he can have a quiet space....because....well....frankly....I don't like sharing mine! (It is in my sewing room).

Monday, February 15, 2010


Friendie loves his "feeshies".....

so Grammie needed to stock up.
I wanted you to see how big my boy is getting....but he was much too serious about his "feeshies" to smile for you today.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Measure Of Love

Love is valuable only as it is expressed,
and the measure of our love is found in its display.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Red Lodge Widow

My husband and youngest daughter are headed toward the mountains of Montana for a couple days of skiing.
I knit a brown beanie to match Emily's new ski jacket.
It will look adorable over her long red hair.

I could have stayed home and gotten lots of sewing done....but I opted for the weekly consignment auction instead.
I got this great chair.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Treasures In Books

At a recent visit to my favorite Goodwill store, I discovered a few treasures.
I simply adore the artwork of Eloise Wilkin.  I have a sweet collection of her books that I have picked up over the years.
I found this book....and I would have paid any price for it... imagine my delight to see it was priced .49 cents.

The little boy resembles my little Friendie.....and then add a drum....and some couldn't get any better!

I think the reason I find her artwork so endearing is the fact that her drawings remind me so much of my youth.
In fact, we have one book where her drawings of the interior design of the home is very similar to the home I grew up in.  I get a warm feeling everytime I look at her artwork.

I found  a lovely little devotional book also.
Nestled among the pages I found a hand written page.

The book was .99 cents.....the note inside...a priceless prayer for wisdom.
Lord, keep my lips from uttering any word that may damage or deface the image of another in the eyes of his fellows.  Let me be silent if I cannot speak in love.  Help me to be charitable to all, and malicious toward none.  Lord Please help me.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I Am Terrible!!!!

My sister-in-law came for a visit last weekend.  She is just getting interested in quilting, so we talked about patterns and fabrics a lot while she was here.  I told her that I like to buy "kits" already made up at quilt shops when they have something that really catches my eye.  I told her that there have been a few times that I was short on fabric in my "kits"....and then times when I have quite a bit of extra fabric.  I proceeded to tell her this....."You know, like the time I bought those two kits to make quilts for the guys....and there was enough extra fabric to make you that scrap quilt."  Silence.  Her reply, " never made me a scrap quilt."  Me, "Of course I was red and black and had fishing lures on it."  Her...."No, I would remember if you made me a quilt.... you have never made me one...and if you did I would cherish it."
Now friends, I have to tell you....I felt TERRIBLE.  This wasn't recent, it was 5 or 6 years ago......what could I have done with it? 
My husband pulls out one of the quilts that I had made up to show her the we needed to refresh "her" memory!!!!

I did find it.

Imagine....I folded it up inside the backing fabric I had purchased for it....and then it got stacked on a pile in my fabric cupboard.  How could I have not noticed for 5 or 6 years??????? stash isn't that great....but memory isn't that great either!!!!

Here is the missing piece....
Do I even dare tell you this.....I found another finished top inside another backing fabric.....with no idea who I was going to give that one to......
see....I told you....I AM TERRIBLE!!!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Not Sure Of What I Bought....

I am not really sure what this is suppose to be used for....but I found it at the Goodwill for $3.99 and thought it would add a little "fun" to my fireplace mantel....

along with these.....
One of these came from the Goodwill for .99 and the other came with the box of reels at a garage sale for .99.
The Viewmasters were a hit on the coffee table during a birthday (thanks to technology) have come a looong way!!!