Sunday, July 31, 2011

Finding Relief

I thought I should give an update on Friendie's skin.
This photo was taken this morning.  His neck looks so much better.
His legs looked better....until I gave him the toast he was asking for.  Within a short amount of time he was scratching behind his legs.  Not sure if it is from the dairy in the bread or the wheat at this point.
I am amazed at how quickly his skin flares up....and also how quickly it cleared up when we went 'cold turkey' with the Milk-Free diet.

He is loving the Silk PureAlmond Milk - Dark Chocolate...
at least we found a quick substitute for his 'chocolie chocolie'.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Help Stop The Itching

Atopic Dermatitis 
Poor Friendie has been plagued with skin irritations since he was born.
It began with an awful rash on the back of his neck....after some observation and research, we discovered that he is allergic to the 'tagless' ink that Carters and other clothing companies use in their garments.  Carters was just wonderful when we contacted them....they sent us shipping containers to return all Carter brand clothing (new and used).
They sent a check to cover the cost of the clothing....which was very generous.
They also sent a Beanie Baby.  :)

Now we cover all ink tags in his clothing....and because he is wearing little under pants, I have started buying Moleskin tape to cover those is a little softer than the athletic tape I use in his shirts.

Now I have to tell you about our poor little Friendie.
He has terrible eczema.
Especially behind his legs.

He itches all the time.
We use topical ointments often.
But....unfortunately, this rash comes from the inside out.
The main culprit I believe is dairy.

His itchies have reached an all time high.
We have to do something for him.
So "Dr. Grammie" is insisting on a milk free diet to see if that will help.

You need to know.
Friendie LOVES chocolate milk....
and cheese...
and yogurt....
and all foods with milk....and cheese....and yogurt.
(I should also mention, he is allergic to peanuts.)

He is trying out Silk Pure Almond Dark Chocolate to replace his coveted chocolate milk.
After that trial run, we will try Rice Milk.
We are really hoping we don't have to remove wheat from his diet also.

I could really use some suggestions or some recipes as we embark on this dietary nightmare   adventure.

In addition to his really bad eczema, he has developed a bad case of MRSA or a type of staph bacteria (he has taken 10 days of antibiotic)
This diagnosis was by "Dr. Grampie"--who is actually board certified.  :)

Any advice that you can offer from experience would be appreciated.

As you can see, he doesn't let his itchies get the best of him.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Winding Down

The week of the wedding was a wild one!

My sister and her family closed on their house in the country on Monday afternoon, and then the moving and unpacking began.

On Tuesday our youngest son came home from CO.  He came to help with the moving...he has big muscles....and likes to use them.  :)

On Wednesday the Bride and friends arrived....then a van load of girls took off for a night of food and fun (bowling and laser tag) and a day full of shopping.

On Thursday the guys arrived.....they were able to help out during the day before heading out for their own evening of food and fun (go carts and games).

On Friday I made food for the rehearsal meal....which we enjoyed in my sister and brother-in-laws' amazing new backyard. (I need to get some photos of their great gardens).

And Saturday was the big day!
Writing it out makes it look so simple...believe me....the week was anything but simple.

On Monday I was able to go pick up the quilt from the quilter.
I was very pleased with how it turned out.

I sat and stitched binding when I had the opportunity on Tuesday, but I had to just allow time to finish it on Wednesday morning....before the Bride arrived.

The pattern is simple.
It actually went together very quickly.
Except for waiting for the machine quilting, I would say it is a 3 day project.

I put lime green flannel on the back because the Minkee I had ordered did not arrive in time.

On Monday our oldest daughter turned 26.
Of course we had a party.  :)

On Tuesday the Bride and Groom left for their own home.

On Wednesday the rest of our guests departed.

Today our youngest son loaded his Saturn (no air conditioning....but great gas mileage) and left for Colorado.
Before he left, I baked him a few goodies....
not because we haven't had enough sweets lately.....
but just because that is what Mommies like to do.

Friendie and I think the house sure is quiet....quiet and messy that is.
There is always tomorrow to think about that...
right now we are thinking about a nap!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wedding Celebration

Saturday was the big day.
After two big storms the night before,
we were blessed with really nice weather.

Our oldest son has a lovely wife...
the girl I have prayed for all these years.

The wedding party had a lot of fun...
maybe too much fun.

Thanks to my sister and my niece for capturing the day in pictures.

Our new family photo....
which may also be our Christmas card this year.  :)

A special day for sure!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Christmas In July Winner

Wow....I almost missed my July 25th deadline to post the winner of the Bareroots pattern give-a-way!
It has been a wild, but good week at our house.
I have fun to share....but it will have to wait until I can actually sit down and take a breather....hopefully soon.
I needed the help of my husband to draw a winner since Friendie was already home by the time I remembered my poor neglected blog.
Lynda will have the opportunity to get a jump start on her Christmas projects.....Christmas is only 5 months away!
Thank you to all of you who took the time to leave a comment.

I thought I would share this photo of an old Hallmark card that I displayed during the Christmas season last year.
Maybe it will motivate me to start thinking about all those gifts I have good intentions to make again this year.  :)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Twenty-Eight Years

It was 1983...

We were 19...

We were in love...

We still are.

Today is our anniversary!

(My Mom made these for us during her ceramics season....and they have been a constant decoration in our home since)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Christmas In July

I have way too many Christmas projects.
Patterns I have purchased with such good intentions.
"Good intentions do not a project make."
Here is one of my 'good intentions'....
If you would like to have your name entered in a drawing for it...
leave a comment.

Friendie will draw a name on the 25th.
International friends welcome.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

6 Hours Later

Wedding reception baking is checked off my list!

230 chocolate cupcakes

And for those who don't care for chocolate....

106 vanilla cupcakes

A helper shows up....
when the last two pans need to be filled.....
but she looked so cute in her apron, I couldn't send her away.

I did have a little mishap.
Thankfully it didn't get out of control.

Then a cute little taste tester showed up!

And after 6 hours in my kitchen...
I get to put my feet up and enjoy a little refreshment.

10 More Days

With the wedding only 10 days away, we are focusing on some of the final details.
The girls are getting their dresses altered today.
The bride took the day off to work on her projects.
Friendie and I are watching WordWorld and enjoying a snack.
I am not slacking.
It is the calm before the storm.

If I am still standing...
I will post again.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Sometimes You Just Have To Cheat

Too hot to cook....
Too tired to care...
Too nice not to take our supper out on the pontoon....
Sometimes this cook just needs to cheat!
(This was last week...tonight is also hot...but it is going to be stormy....and tonight our meal actually had some nutritional value). 

I May Have A Problem

I had to give my husband a ride to drop off his car this week.
He had a couple errands to run, so I asked him to just leave me at the Goodwill....because that is always more fun than sitting in the car waiting.
When he came to pick me up, I discovered he had NEVER been inside the Goodwill store.....he just makes the drop offs in the back for me occasionally. husband is not much of a shopper....but he LOVES books!!!
There was quite a selection in that while he browsed the book section....I headed over to the kitchen area.
Now you all know that I enjoy thrifting.  And honestly, the majority of the time I am purchasing items to give to someone else.  But there are times when something just makes me smile....and the price is right...and it is just "fun".
wouldn't you know it...there was just a little too much "fun" going on....
(and I didn't want to interrupt his book browsing!)

I found these funky geranium glasses...a set of 10....for only $4.99....
and my tea tastes sooo much better in them!!!!

My husband is such a gentleman.
He waited for me to check out.
Then he carried my purchases out to the car.
He commented on what a nice clean Goodwill store we have.
He said he plans on buying books there again.
And then he said it...
"I think you have a problem with glasses."

Of course I denied it....
but honestly....
I may have a problem.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

With No Time To Spare

On Monday....a mere 19 days before the wedding...I finally had a full day to start my biggest wedding project....

And on Tuesday I was making progress.....

Today I have Friendie....

not much progress being made today.  :)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

20 More Days

The wedding is 20 days away.
I should be in a state of panic today....
but I think I will take a pontoon ride instead.

I will panic tomorrow.