Sunday, December 27, 2009

Featherweight Dreams

I am invited to a friend's home out in the country every other week to do some quilting.  I have been just taking hand sewing, knitting or a wool project along to stitch.  She lives on a rough road, so I don't care to take my Pfaff along to bounce the whole way doesn't fit secure enough in my toddler carseat...I checked.  :)
I mentioned to my husband that I might be on the look out for a Singer Featherweight sewing machine.  Well....he told me to find myself one....and he will buy it for me for Christmas....woo hoo!!!  Now my big dilema....finding a nice a decent price range.
I would like a scroll face machine....just because I think they are charming.  :)
I am watching eBay....but it is so hard when you only have a few photos to make such a big decision.
This little ornament just "had" to come home with me on my long day of Christmas was sweet....and cheap.  :)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Nimble Fingers On The Prairie

Nimble Fingers on the Prairie is a non-profit organization for children that provide those in poverty with new hats, scarves and mittens.
Maybe you would like to make a donation....they have simple patterns on their website.
Even better....maybe you would like to start providing for those in need in your own area.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

It is a very White Christmas here in Minnesota.
Thankfully we celebrated here at home and didn't have any travel complications to deal with.
Today, as I was up in my sewing room, I was overcome with a rare was something like....freedom.  No project deadlines on the horizon....I can work on anything I feel like working on....I almost squeeled with delight!
Unfortunately, I am too tired from the past two days to attempt anything new.  But....I do have my March 2010 Quick Quilts magazine waiting for me.  :)
The snow keeps coming, but we are safe and warm inside.  Actually, the kids have a bonfire going outside and are roasting I guess they are keeping warm outside too.
I hope you all have great Christmas memories to remember for years to come.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Oldest Son asked for a really big quilt to take to college.....I guess his Charlie Brown Football quilt has seen better days....
I decided to make 12 1/2 inch squares and frame them with 2 1/2 strips.  The assemble was quick.  I "cheated" buy backing it with a microfleece blanket that I bought at Target.  Then I tied it with floss because there is no way to quilt the stretchy microfleece....and the fuzzies would have done my machine in.

It was a 2 day project....all wrapped and ready for Christmas....and hopefully safe to blog about because I am doubting he reads my blog.  :)
I made it King size for took up the whole living room floor.

I found it rather "boring"....but he likes things plain and simple.  He will know it was made with love....makes it all worth it.  :)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Keeping Warm and Keeping Up

We have had wind-chill advisories for 5 days.  Some of you may not know what a -30 degree wind-chill feels is really cold....take my word for it.  :)
Although my family has to carry on with work and school, I have been blessed to be home...inside...warm....getting lots of projects finished. 
The house is decorated and all the gifts are wrapped (although some haven't been purchased yet).  The Christmas letter is ready to mail -- and I had the picture Emily drew for me made into our Christmas cards for this year (thank you for that suggestion!).

I have been sewing like is amazing how much more a person can get done when they haven't left their house in 5 days!!!  Yes, I am serious....I haven't been outside except to shake some Minkee after I cut it.  It has been wonderful!

While the men-folk went to the Viking football game on Sunday, Emily and I enjoyed a quiet day together.  We listened to our church service on the radio (we didn't want to go out in the bitter cold)....we lit our advent candles...

popped some corn...

gathered some berries (out of the fridge)....

and made a special treat for the outside critters.

The rest of the day was spent knitting by the fire.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Vintage Ornaments

When we were little girls, our mom would take us to the church bazaar every December.  We would get a new ornament for our tree and we would get to go to the fish pond!  I still have a basket of ornaments that are now considered "vintage".  I tuck my basket under the tree every year and my family enjoys making fun of most of those old treasures.....I, on the other hand, have warm memories when I see them.  I have put my favorites on the top. I love the little red sweater .... do you think it was actually knit with toothpicks?
Those little elves just make me smile.

I don't put wrapped gifts under our tree.  I put little treasures from the years under it...all have a special little memory.  This is one of my favorites.....the two pair of booties next to each other.  The pink booties belonged to our grand-daughter who is now in Heaven and the little blue booties were Friendies.  I hope to have a whole line-up of booties under the tree someday.  :)

I am busy sewing quilts....but I can't show them.  Two done....two more to go.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The New "Old" Pot To The Rescue

It is winter here....and it is cold...really cold.  Our wind-chill is predicted to reach -20 to -40 degrees by morning.  Minnesota winter.
I am so thankful I had purchased this old Corelle Electric Coffee Pot (still new in the box) at my local Goodwill many months ago.  It was under $5, so I bought it just in case I ever needed it.  I was even more thankful it made a great cup of coffee when I really "needed" it.

How could I eat this white chocolate cranberry scone with out a good cup of coffee?

We all have our "needs". 

Friday, December 4, 2009

Staying Focused on the Fabric Mission

Yesterday a friend and I took a road trip.  Our mission....fabric.  While she was looking at all the bright, fun fabrics that her young daughter would enjoy......I "had" to shop for this......

20 days till Christmas and someone I love wants a giant quilt for his college apartment....I guess his Charlie Brown Football quilt just doesn't do the job any longer.  :)