Sunday, December 27, 2009

Featherweight Dreams

I am invited to a friend's home out in the country every other week to do some quilting.  I have been just taking hand sewing, knitting or a wool project along to stitch.  She lives on a rough road, so I don't care to take my Pfaff along to bounce the whole way doesn't fit secure enough in my toddler carseat...I checked.  :)
I mentioned to my husband that I might be on the look out for a Singer Featherweight sewing machine.  Well....he told me to find myself one....and he will buy it for me for Christmas....woo hoo!!!  Now my big dilema....finding a nice a decent price range.
I would like a scroll face machine....just because I think they are charming.  :)
I am watching eBay....but it is so hard when you only have a few photos to make such a big decision.
This little ornament just "had" to come home with me on my long day of Christmas was sweet....and cheap.  :)


Milah said...

I have a featherweight for sale. My husband bought it from an elderly woman. I cleaned it and tried to use it on my Bread Pudding quilt. It gave me some problems so I gave up on it. There is a man in our town who services them and he said that it probably just needs to be serviced. I hope to drop it off at his shop this week. I'll let you know if I get it in good running condition. Email me if you want me to send you pictures or ask questions.

Lori said...

How exciting! I don't know anything about featherweights but they sure are cute!

Judy S. said...

Good luck in your quest, Sheila. It sounds like a great solution to your transport problem, and they're supposed to be great.

busymom said...

I would look on Craigs List as well. You may find one in your area that you can actually try before you buy. I just found a 301A on and love it. I also have a featherweight and love that as well. Don't be afraid of the 301, it is known as the "Big Sister to the featherweight. They are great for piecing. Good luck!