Thursday, July 28, 2011

Winding Down

The week of the wedding was a wild one!

My sister and her family closed on their house in the country on Monday afternoon, and then the moving and unpacking began.

On Tuesday our youngest son came home from CO.  He came to help with the moving...he has big muscles....and likes to use them.  :)

On Wednesday the Bride and friends arrived....then a van load of girls took off for a night of food and fun (bowling and laser tag) and a day full of shopping.

On Thursday the guys arrived.....they were able to help out during the day before heading out for their own evening of food and fun (go carts and games).

On Friday I made food for the rehearsal meal....which we enjoyed in my sister and brother-in-laws' amazing new backyard. (I need to get some photos of their great gardens).

And Saturday was the big day!
Writing it out makes it look so simple...believe me....the week was anything but simple.

On Monday I was able to go pick up the quilt from the quilter.
I was very pleased with how it turned out.

I sat and stitched binding when I had the opportunity on Tuesday, but I had to just allow time to finish it on Wednesday morning....before the Bride arrived.

The pattern is simple.
It actually went together very quickly.
Except for waiting for the machine quilting, I would say it is a 3 day project.

I put lime green flannel on the back because the Minkee I had ordered did not arrive in time.

On Monday our oldest daughter turned 26.
Of course we had a party.  :)

On Tuesday the Bride and Groom left for their own home.

On Wednesday the rest of our guests departed.

Today our youngest son loaded his Saturn (no air conditioning....but great gas mileage) and left for Colorado.
Before he left, I baked him a few goodies....
not because we haven't had enough sweets lately.....
but just because that is what Mommies like to do.

Friendie and I think the house sure is quiet....quiet and messy that is.
There is always tomorrow to think about that...
right now we are thinking about a nap!


Lois said...

Whew! I'm tired just reading this but a very special time for your family with many memories for all.
Today is your day to relax.

Joanne Lendaro said...

WHEW!!! that post just exhausted me and I wasn't even there!! Glad everything went well, and the quilt is beautiful!!