Friday, July 29, 2011

Help Stop The Itching

Atopic Dermatitis 
Poor Friendie has been plagued with skin irritations since he was born.
It began with an awful rash on the back of his neck....after some observation and research, we discovered that he is allergic to the 'tagless' ink that Carters and other clothing companies use in their garments.  Carters was just wonderful when we contacted them....they sent us shipping containers to return all Carter brand clothing (new and used).
They sent a check to cover the cost of the clothing....which was very generous.
They also sent a Beanie Baby.  :)

Now we cover all ink tags in his clothing....and because he is wearing little under pants, I have started buying Moleskin tape to cover those is a little softer than the athletic tape I use in his shirts.

Now I have to tell you about our poor little Friendie.
He has terrible eczema.
Especially behind his legs.

He itches all the time.
We use topical ointments often.
But....unfortunately, this rash comes from the inside out.
The main culprit I believe is dairy.

His itchies have reached an all time high.
We have to do something for him.
So "Dr. Grammie" is insisting on a milk free diet to see if that will help.

You need to know.
Friendie LOVES chocolate milk....
and cheese...
and yogurt....
and all foods with milk....and cheese....and yogurt.
(I should also mention, he is allergic to peanuts.)

He is trying out Silk Pure Almond Dark Chocolate to replace his coveted chocolate milk.
After that trial run, we will try Rice Milk.
We are really hoping we don't have to remove wheat from his diet also.

I could really use some suggestions or some recipes as we embark on this dietary nightmare   adventure.

In addition to his really bad eczema, he has developed a bad case of MRSA or a type of staph bacteria (he has taken 10 days of antibiotic)
This diagnosis was by "Dr. Grampie"--who is actually board certified.  :)

Any advice that you can offer from experience would be appreciated.

As you can see, he doesn't let his itchies get the best of him.


Sandie ~call me crazy said...

Have you been to a dermatologist? There are some meds that only they can prescribe that work great! I have had some of the same rashes and have little ointments that help a lot.

Betty Lou said...

Little guy, he does have to endure a lot doesn't he. Give him a hug for me, such a cutie.

no spring chicken said...

Poor baby!! I really wish I was going to comment with wisdom, but I have nothing except for sympathy...
and prayer. I'm praying right now for wisdom to come your way, and relief for your little guy.

Blessings, Debbie

Lori said...

Poor guy. I'm not any help for you but my son had eczema so I know a little of what you're going through. I hope as he gets older it gets better.

Donna said...

I have allergies - not as severe. My mom made a thick paste of uncooked oatmeal and cool water. It soothes and takes the itch out. Hopefully you will find the solution quickly. The itchies can hurt.

Joanne Lendaro said...

Poor little guy!!

Lois said...

Has he been tested by an allergist? That would help you to find a solution. At age three it might not be the total answer but would be a start. Good luck with trying to figure this out. Fortunately there are some alternatives such as soy and almond milk as substitutes.
He is on my prayer list.

Pat said...

Oh, my....the poor little fellow. Dealing with a poison ivy rash right now, I can sympathize with him and feel extra-bad that his condition is a chronic one and doesn't go away. At least mine should go away once I get to the doctor in the morning and get on some strong meds.