Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Exceeding My Expectations

There is a new shop in my area.  I knew it was coming.  I knew it had opened.  I planned to go there.
Saturday was the Grand Opening.  I decided that was a good day to go.  I had already seen some photos on Karen's blog, but I thought it would be nice to see it in person.
Farmhouse Woolens and Dry Goods totally blew me away!!!!

I walked in the front door expecting a rather typical little shopping experience.
OH MY GOODNESS.....was I in for a treat!!!!
Not only is there an abundance of yummy wools, but Karen has a great assortment of quilting fabrics....with more Civil War era fabrics on the way!

You will find great gifts and decor everywhere you look.
These candles smell good enough to eat!

I enjoyed being able to browse through the patterns in the baskets.

I knew Karen would have everything artfully arranged.
(Except for her office   ;) ......and we all know creative people have messy desks....please don't tell me differently....I have been using that excuse for most of my life).

I didn't need anymore thread, but how could I resist this charming display...and she does have some really fun colors.

Farmhouse Woolens has lots of kits made up....and that is my kind of shopping!

How rude of me to not get everyone's names...but let me tell you...they are some of the friendliest ladies you will ever meet!
Not only friendly, but very talented.  Kari (far right) even had some gorgeous samples of her pillow pattern on display.  I didn't ask her permission to photograph them....but check out her blog....and you will see what I mean.  :)
Karen sends out an email newsletter once a week.  She talks about what is happening at the store and is introducing us to some of her "peeps".
Because she has an online store, she graciously offers specials to her newsletter readers.  Check out Farmhouse Woolens and Dry won't be disappointed!
Oh....and there were sweets....

I went home (2 hours later) with a bag full of fun projects, a chocolate chip cookie to nibble on my way home (wish I would have taken two...they were awesome) and a smile on my face because Farmhouse Woolens totally exceeded my expectations!!!


Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I didn't realize you lived near Karen. I'm sure that shop is wonderful, as I know her blog has always been. Thanks for the wonderful photos.

Lori said...

That certainly looks like a store that I'd love!! Thanks for the tour.

Sharlotte said...

That looks like a fabulous time!! I just love all of the things in the photos. You are lucky to be able to take them . I know a lot of shops squawk about that these days .Must be copyright issues.

Judy S. said...

Sounds like a fun place! I'll have to remember it the next time we're in MN. Till then there's always online, so thanks for the link.

Stitched With Prayer said...

What a wonderful shop!!! It has personality plus. I hope you didn't leave without the Farmhouse Woolen's kit in the picture. It is so cute, something I would definitely love. Enjoy your new treasures and thank you for the tour, it was delightful...AND the goodies, **sigh** I was drooling all over my keyboard. Hubby and I have changed the way we eat, but I could have done some damage to the cookies and other treats, Oh My!!!

Teresa said...

Oh, I want to go soooooooooo bad. I checked your profile to see where you are located and geez, it might be a bit of a road trip from South Carolina. Great looking shop!