Thursday, June 10, 2010

Everyone Needs A Quilting Friend!

(My daughter has the media card for my camera, so I have not been able to take any new photos for my blog. I have not been doing much sewing this past week, but I do have a sweet little baby sweater that I will share with you soon.)

I am not involved with any quilt guilds right now.  My time will come, but right now I want to be available when Friendie needs to spend the day with Grammie.
I do go to the Common Threads Quilt Shop once a month with a group of friends.  We are doing a "Thrifty Thursday" block of the month.  It cost $5 for the first block kit.  If you return the next month with the block completed, you get the next kit free.  You have the potential to end up with 12 blocks that only cost you $5!!!!  There were 3 fabric options....I picked Civil War.  The fabric comes already cut out.....there really is no excuse for not getting it done in time. 
 We get to see all the new fabrics, patterns and updates to the shop while we are there.  Of course we never leave the shop without a bag of goodies....we are only human.  :)

(I am wearing the red jacket in the center)


Sharlotte said...

This is really great! There is a program/class like this here in town at the Quilt Sampler but I have never been to it.I need to! Who couldn't use a quilt that only cost them $5?!

Kim said...

Hi Sheila. I visited Common Threads Quilt Shop two years ago while doing the Quilt MN Shop Hop. It is the best shop - just loved it. Looks like you have been challenged to finish each block and bring it in so you can get your next block free. Good luck and enjoy. :-D

Judy S. said...

Nice quilt block! Can't wait to see the sweater.

Taryn said...

Is this the Common Threads in Texas? I have a work trip coming up next fall that will take me to Texas for a week. I am planning my quilt shop tour for the state so am open to any suggestions.