Saturday, February 12, 2011

Good Grief....Just Bind It!

I bought this Jo's Little Women pattern and fabric in a kit a few years ago.
It sat in my sewing cabinet for a long time.
One weekend I finally cut out the fabric and sewed the top together.
Then it sat on my sewing table for a long time.
One evening I decided it wouldn't take much time to machine quilt such a small quilt....and it didn't....I even sewed the binding on.
Then it sat neatly folded on my ironing board for a long time.

Then Christmas projects took priority.
After that....there are no excuses.

One night this week I sewed up a couple gifts for a young friend who just had her third baby....
a reversible apron....

and a Minkee snuggle blanket for her new little son.

I was glad I still had a yummy bar of Lemon soap from my last order with Apple Valley Natural Soap to include with the gift.

While I was cleaning up from my projects, I came across some small spools of thread that I had picked up on one of my thrifting outings.
Looking through the selection of colored thread triggered something in my brain......

Oh yes.....the unfinished binding....which sat for too long because I didn't think I had any cheddar colored thread!!!
It was here all along!
It is now sitting on my dining room table.....
and it will NOT be there for long!


Lori said...

Isn't it funny sometimes how long it can take us to complete an easy project? it's a beauty for sure!!

Judy S. said...

Looks like a pretty quilt-in-the-making, Sheila. What is it that makees us drag our feet on some projects? I have several waiting in the wings, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...