Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Needlepoint Cheer

I do not do needlepoint.  Maybe someday I might attempt it, but for now.....well...I have enough unfinished projects to keep me busy for the rest of the year....maybe longer.

One day while I was thrifting, I came across a vegtable needlepoint that I thought would add some charm to my pantry.  I know it is just a closet under the steps, but I like to add some visual interests to otherwise boring places in my home....because I do spend almost all my time here. 

There were 2 other colorful needlepoint pictures that someone had put a lot of work into (and then paid to have framed).
Something in me just couldn't leave them behind.

They were priced really cheap....which instead of thrilling me for finding such a great deal, I actually felt a little bad for the creative soul that put so much time into the pictures.....only to have them end up donated at a thrift store.

I really had no "vision" as to where I would hang them.

So I hung them in my line of vision on the wall next to my sewing table.....now I can enjoy them while I sit and sew.  Lately my time at the sewing machine has been dealing with the basket of mending.....my new needlepoint pictures made even that job seem enjoyable!!!

It isn't too late to leave a comment in my previous Soap give-a-way post for the chance to win a free bar of Apple Valley Natural Soap!
I should have mentioned how much I like their Kitchen Soap.....I thought of it tonight as I washed the onion smell right off my hands....it washes away garlic also.  I keep a bar in a little dish right next to the sink....in the cutest little dish that I found at the Goodwill....of course!  :)


Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

It is so hard to see those in a thrift shop when you realize the work that went into it. You wonder how it ended up there. They look very pretty where you've put them!

Pat said...

It's nice that you "rescued" those pieces. I've tried to impress upon my family that if there are handmade pieces of mine that they don't want after I'm gone, they need to get in touch with local quilt guilds and see if anyone there wants them. (They are usually pretty good about rescuing handmade items, too!)

Barb said...

You are right, those are wonderful pieces....

Lori said...

I understand about seeing that kind of thing at the thrift store. How fun that you are able to be inspired by them and enjoy them.

Joanne Lendaro said...

Love shopping at the Thrift Shops!! You know one man's trash..

got the pattern that you sent, thank you! I will blog about it and link to your giveaway!!

Sandie ~call me crazy said...

Great finds! I love the vegetables. :-)

Teresa said...

I have had the same feelings of sadness in seeing someone's works of art being sold at Goodwill, but then I remember how fortunate the person who truely appreciates them will enjoy having them. I think the saddest thing for me was an estate sale I attended once, and all the dear lady's sewing supplies and fabrics were laid out on the ground.