Saturday, October 23, 2010

For The Love Of BASKETS!!!

I love baskets...especially practical baskets...but then...I can justify any basket as "practical"!!!
I attended a pie social fundraiser for a friend and classmate who has had a rough time with her MS.  She is doing well right now...but not that long ago things were really bad...and thankfully after her shock therapy, she doesn't remember that dark time.
One of her friends sells these baskets.  They are handmade in Africa.  She brought these to help raise some support. 
I was thrilled to come home with the huge Market Basket, the small Egg Gathering  Basket and the Fan (which isn't practical this time of year, but summer will come again). 
I will be filling them up and taking them along to Quilt Retreat....I can hardly wait!!!


Colleen said...

I love to stitch baskets... I have some practical ones... and what would we do without them! BTW, did you get your wool kit from me yet in the mail?

Lori said...

Everyone will be jealous of your lovely baskets!!

Colleen said...

I love the african baskets! I bought a large one at the Victrolian Market in Munich Germany 2 summers ago. I love it for lugging whatever-this weekend my cash box and odds and ends for the craft show I participated in.