Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Couple Of Beauties!

 This summer I gave away my cast iron was a moment of weakness...which I have regretted.  I decided that I would check the Goodwill for one month and if I was unsuccessful, I would just go buy a new pan.  Now...those of you who use cast iron know how much better they are after lots of I wasn't looking forward to buying a new one.
Now there may be those of you reading this who think I am being extreme when I say this, but I KNOW that God gives me little blessings OFTEN....He cares about the little things right along with the big things in life.  So that being said...he doubled the blessing last week when I walked into the Goodwill at just the right time to find both of these skillets being put on the shelf!!!!

I cleaned them up and "seasoned" them twice in the oven.  These photos were taken after the second seasoning.  They are both 10 1/2 inches and although both have had lots of use, one appears to have been used a little more.  That is the one I have been using this week (pretty much every day).
I was really fortunate to find them without any rust, although that doesn't need to stop you from cleaning them with steel wool and then seasoning them really good....they will last a lifetime... if you don't crack them by putting cold water in a hot pan.  :)
And just in case you are wondering...
I paid $4.99 a piece for them.
God in the little things....I love it!!!!

Although I think my new skillets are lovely, they don't compare to one of my BIG BLESSINGS....
these are my two youngest....
aren't they beauties!!!


Mary Lou Casada said...

Of COURSE, they were a blessing!! I find that when I trust Him with such things, I get twice (or more) back in return. We always think God CAN, but we don't think He WILL! :-) So I open my closet and give away quilting fabric, knowing that it will be replaced in His time (never early, never late LOL) and it will be (like HIM) really, really good!
Congratulations on not one but TWO great Goodwill finds!
Mary Lou
(who has a couple of her momma's old iron skillets! but don't use them nearly as well sa she did!

Judy S. said...

You and your Goodwill finds are amazing.

Lori said...

I love my cast iron skillets!! You made a big score at $4.99 each!!

Great photo! Good looking kids!!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

What a blessing. Do you have some favorite skillet recipes? My mom gave me her skillets a year or so ago, and the more I use them, the more I love them. For years I just used the pans we got as a wedding gift, so I'm still learning to use the cast iron.
Btw, you've got some good looking kids there!