Saturday, October 30, 2010

It Warms My Soul

I grew up listening to record albums.  I didn't own many, but I could sing along with The Carpenters, Helen Ready, Simon and Garfunkel....and later Sheena Easton and Journey.
I bought a record player about a year ago.
I no longer have my old albums, but I have picked up some great records second hand.  I no longer look for albums that I can sing along with, instead I look for classics....with some fun holiday albums thrown in.
There is just something about placing the needle carefully onto the record...and listening to the slight static as sounds from days gone by fill the room.  It takes me back to a slower time.....something from my past....and it warms my soul.

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Joanne Lendaro said...

Right there with ya!! Check out the music on my blog...turn your speakers way up and enjoy!! I am still luggin' those 78's around. lol!!