Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Amazing .... Clearly Perfect Angles

Kari is a local quilter.  She is a recycled Home-Ec teacher.  She has put out many patterns and has a book coming out soon.  I pick up her patterns here and there.  Well....on Sunday I really scored!  She and her husband donated a bunch of patterns and her Clearly Perfect Angles templates to the Mexico trip silent auction at our church.  Because I went on the Mexico trip last year, and wanted to show my support...I went to help out at the silent auction.  I was sooo thrilled to find Kari's donation....and even more excited when I had the highest bid on two of the groupings!!!
Now my real reason for this post.
I had no idea how great her Clearly Perfect Angles are!!!!

I went to Kari's New Leaf Stitches website to watch an instructional video....I immediately rushed to my sewing machine and in just a few minutes I was sewing the quickest triangle squares!
Template easily "clings" to acrylic sewing tables. 
Always in position and ready to sew accurate 45 degree angles.
All without paper, pencils or pins.

Use to make Triangle Squares, Flying Geese, Snow Balls, miters and binding.
No-waste fabric calculation included.

I got this huge time saver just in time...I am working on a project that involves sewing together a couple hundred 2 1/2 inch strips....and now I don't have to mark each one before sewing!
Kari's blog is full of good stuff....I hope you make time to drop in check it out.


Lori said...

Woo_hoo! A good score for a fantastic cause!!

kari-nls said...

Wahoo! It's fun to know they went to an avid quilter. I hope you enjoy them and thanks for the post.
Brian is really looking forward to the mission trip. Keep them all in your prayers.