Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Walking On Thin Ice

This is our 10th Thanksgiving here in Minnesota.
I will always remember our first year here.

We live on a recreational lake.
There is a channel that connects two small lakes.
It is just on the other side of our property.
The channel does not freeze over. 

Because there is always some open water, the waterfowl that do not migrate can be found nearby.
They stick around until the ice houses start showing up.
Right now the ice is very thin.
But there have been years that ice houses are in place long before now.
Over the years we have observed there is one very coveted spot on the lake.

10 years ago there was a beautiful new ice house sitting within the view of my kitchen window.  Someone had pulled it out there behind their pickup truck....then went off to enjoy their Thanksgiving dinner.

Now it was our first year in a new community....and my husband was "on-call".  So our first year here I made a huge Thanksgiving dinner for just my own little family.
I spent MANY hours in my kitchen....
cleaning up.
(You know the drill)

The sun was shining and the temperature was was a beautiful day.
A beautiful day unless you parked your new ice house on the coveted spot on our lake.
I watched it slowly sink....
all day long.

The next day there was a photo and interview in the paper....
that happens in small town USA.


Lois said...

Have a lovely day with family and friends.

Joanne Lendaro said...

oops!! Sounds like someone was a little anxious to get started on the ice fishing! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!