Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday - - No Thank You

I stayed home today.

No Black Friday shopping for me.

Maybe I have no sense of adventure.

Maybe I am just getting old.

Snow is in the forecast.
So I packed away the autumn decorations...
and added some winter fun to our front porch.

Our friends gave me permission to cut some pine branches from their property.
I was excited to find them with pine cones still attached.

I decided to go with the old toy theme this year.

Our elderly neighbor gave us this sled before she moved to assisted living last year.
I found the skates with the wooden blade guards at the Goodwill....
both are repeat decorations from last year.

This little electric lantern came from the Goodwill...
I especially like the flickering bulb.

Now it just needs a light dusting of snow!