Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Eating Seeds

I was introduced to pumpkin seeds in grade school.
I am not sure when I started roasting the seeds myself, but it is a tradition that my own children expect look forward to.

Of course they always pick the biggest pumpkins....
and make sure there are plenty of them....
because roasted pumpkin seeds only happen once a year!

Because pumpkin carving occurred rather late on Sunday evening,
I soaked the seeds in water overnight.

This is my method for roasting seeds:
~wash seeds and remove any remaining pulp
~melt 1/2 stick of butter in a 275 degree oven on a sheet pan
~stir seeds into the melted butter
~sprinkle seasoning of choice (we use garlic powder and season salt--although some prefer cinnamon and sugar)
~bake until roasted, but stir every 15-20 min.  My pan was very full and took almost 3 hours.

If we grew our own pumpkins, we would be enjoying this treat more often, but for now we just expect look forward to it once a year.


Judy S. said...

And homemade ones are so much better than the store=bought kind that look like they've been painted white and are super salty. My recipe calls for a little Worcestershire sauce also. Have you ever tried that?

Jodi said...

Thank you! I've tried roasting once...nothing at all like your recipe...which is why I've only done it once! You had me when you called for all the melted butter. Now I am sad that our pumpkin pulp is gone. I have a pumpkin on the porch that I am using for decoration. I think that I will be digging into it after Thanksgiving!
:) Jodi

Joanne Lendaro said...

I NEVER had any luck roasting those seeds...