Friday, November 18, 2011


I am sorry if my previous post sounded a little 'Scrooge like'.
I am all for reducing the stress of the Christmas season by some advanced preparations....
I just won't decorate or pull out the Christmas music until Thanksgiving has passed.

I have ordered our fresh trees and have requested they don't get delivered until as close to the end of November as possible....but there are no guarantees.
I have also picked up some vintage Christmas items at the Goodwill this past month....
including a box of cards that I think I will incorporate into my decorating this year.

I am also working on a couple gifts....but I know my that list isn't very long this year.
I really won't be a "Scrooge".....once December rolls around.  :)

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Chris said...

Oh yes. I'm with you. The day after Thanksgiving my granddaughter will be ehre and we'll dig out the crate of Christmas cds, deck the halls, and put up the outside decorations. I work on Christmas gifts very early in the year but nothing is 'out' til Thanksgiving is finished.