Thursday, August 25, 2011

Easy Inspiration

Today I have the whole afternoon to myself.
Today I have a mess in almost every room of my house.
Today I am suppose to be cleaning up.
Today I am distracted.
Today I am glad I still have about 9 more hours in my day.

I found these curtains many months ago at Goodwill.
I love the pattern.
I am the only one in my house who does.
I knew I needed to use them in my sewing room.
But I didn't want to cover the windows in that space.

This antique vanity was out in my garage.
(I couldn't part with it when we moved here)
Today I decided it needed to be useful....or it needed to go.

I had an inspiration.
It was such an easy one.
All I needed was some elastic and upholstery tacks.
(of course I had them in my junk drawer)
Within a matter of minutes my project was complete.

Little Ruthie really needed a space of her own.
Now I REALLY want to sit and sew!!!

But my house is a mess.
And my coffee break is over.

Sure glad I still have 8 1/2 hours left in my day!


Chris said...

Cute curtains, cute vanity, really cute Ruby, mouthwatering coffee and a great break. Enjoy the other 8 1/2 hours of your day :-)

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Love it; I did something similar with my kitchen sink area and a piece o9f fabric my daughter gave me one afternoon.

Gretchen R said...

Well, I like that fabric! So cute and vintage!

That sewing machine is a twin to the one I almost bid on at the last auction I was at. I'm sighing a bit just looking at her.

Melissa said...

Oh that turned out so cute!!

Lois said...

That is a wonderful spot for little Ruthie! Enjoy the coffee break.

no spring chicken said...

I love it all!! Brilliant use of vanity and fabulous fabric (what's wrong with your family!) and Ruthie is just sublime... Do you really sew on her?

Blessings, Debbie

Karen said...

I love the feeling of putting a great fabric find into use where I can enjoy it everyday. That looks very neat, tidy and very inviting!

May your chores go quickly and give you more time to sew!