Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Owl For Cheap

I have a 19 month old great niece. 
 She is about to become a big sister.
(I am not sure she will be very excited about that initially)

Same little sweetie has been dragging around a large fleece blanket.
It is snowmen.
(It is grungy)

I am making her new baby a quilt.
(She may be jealous)
 I appliqued this owl on a fleece blanket for the big sister. 

If she doesn't like it.
I know a little boy who does.

I found the pattern in this Quilts and More magazine.
I bought the new fleece blanket half off at the Goodwill.
I used flannel and Minkee scraps for the owl and the moon.

(She doesn't need to know her new owl blanket only cost $1.50)


Lori said...

I bet she'll love it!

Joanne Lendaro said...

Too cute, she is going to love it!!