Monday, August 15, 2011

Craig's List Newbie

I had never bought or sold anything on Craig's List.
Honestly, I was a little worried about even trying it because of some of the really bad publicity that went along with some serious crimes.
Sometimes I would just look and see what interesting things people were selling in my area.  There was no harm in looking.  
Well....there is something I have been looking for....and wouldn't you know...I found it on Craig's List....only 55 miles from my home.
I have been hoping to find a used Lafuma chair for my father-in-law for a while.
It had to be an original Lafuma me a snob, but after sitting in one, there is no substitution.

They are made in France.
They are amazing.
They are expensive.

I know it doesn't look like anything special, but trust me on this one.
I was first introduced to a Lafuma chair at one of my very first quilting retreats.  One of the older quilters would bring her Lafuma every year and set it up right next to her work station.  When she felt like her back needed a break, she would recline in her chair for 20 minutes.  When she wasn't in the chair, it was free game.....and we all made good use of it.  Since then I have been watching and waiting for a second hand Lafuma.  I was not going to pay hundreds of dollars though.
My father in law will be 75 this November.  He is still farming with his neighbor and is getting rather stiff and arthritic.  Not to mention his need of another hip replacement and both shoulders replaced.  I have thought a Lafuma chair would be perfect for him to relax in.  They are so portable and easy to use.  No bending required.  Just sit down and use your heels to gently lift the leg rest and then lay back.  You can use them inside or outside.  
SO....when I saw Lafuma Chair $50 for sale on Craig's List I couldn't believe it.....then I call...and find out the chair is only a couple years old and hadn't gotten much use.
I told him I would take it!
Then he asked me if I would like another one just like it...
 I could have that one for $25....


One for my father-in-law....
and one for ME!!!!

These chairs were listed for a week or more before I called about them.
God totally was holding them for this Craig's List Newbie!


Joanne Lendaro said...

CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!! When we moved from Indy to NH I sold a bunch of things on Craigs List. It really is a great service, but like anything else approach it with caution and common sense.

tootles said...

I love these chairs, but never knew there was a specific brand to look for. Thanks for the info, and Congrats to you !

no spring chicken said...

I believe you are right. Definitely a God thing!!

Blessings, Debbie