Thursday, January 7, 2010

She Is Here.....And She Is Lovely!

I found my Christmas Featherweight.  I was so excited when UPS delivered her today....but it is -40 degree wind-chill right now, so I had to let her sit and warm up for over an hour.  While I waited, I read my manual and took a photo.

I am very pleased with the condition of the machine considering how old she is.  I have been corresponding with the previous owner this past week while I waited for the machine to arrive.  I asked her for the history of the machine.  She sent me a detailed account....which I will share at the end of this post for anyone who may want to read it.
If you decide to read it, you will see the original owner's name was that is why I have decided to call my featherweight, Little Ruthie.  :)

I learned first thing that you need to be careful that you do not overfill the bobbin....good thing I only wound one of the six that came with the machine.  :)
I closed my eyes and said a silent prayer that the stitches would be quilt worthy.....

I believe this little sweetie is going to become a very good friend!

The following is a copy of the email I received from the previous owner....who is moving to Europe soon....thus the need to part with her machine.

Oh, that's great! Here's the history: Her name was Ruthie Evelyn Hammack Wright and she lived at Levelland, Texas. She bought the machine just around Christmastime 1946 and she kept the machine until 1973 when she gifted it to me, Jeannie Wright, at age 13 ( you know how old I am! LOL). She sewed all the family clothing on it and was she ever a seamstress! She also made all the quilt tops, aprons, and mending on it. They left the farm the next year and moved to Las Vegas, NM and then to Amarillo, Texas (until 1954); in 1955 they went to Roswell, NM and stayed there until 1960 and then went to Northern California -- my grandfather, by then, was working construction on the freeways and they moved a lot, so they lived in a small trailer and this machine went with them (it was only a 14' trailer) and she sewed all the grandkids a new wardrobe of 7 outfits every single summer so they could begin school -- all my dresses were LINED! There were 4 grandchildren--she just kept sewing everything until she gave me the machine. I was in 4H and she made it my 13th birthday present (I was the only grandchild who sewed) and she sent the machine on a greyhound bus from Marysville to Hobbs, New Mexico (we had just moved in the summer from Los Angeles to Hobbs), where I did all my sewing on it. I kept it all those years, and the machine went with me back to LA when I went to school at UCLA (1977), then back to Hobbs, NM (1981), then Roswell (1997-yes, THE Roswell--alien country--)and then here to Lubbock (which is my childhood home). So, it's traveled a lot, but lovingly packed in the car every time -- I am so sad to see it go out of my family, but my daughter is not geared to sew and I know you will give it a lovely home! I just made my last (award winning, by the way) quilt on it in January 2009. Have fun with it and know that it's a workhorse! I'm glad you have her! Jeannie


Lizzie said...

Can you see from across the oceans the pale shade of green envy I have turned? Ruthie is just lovely, well gorgeous actually! I shall have to renew my search for one I think.

Milah said...

It was meant to be!


Tina said...

What a beautiful Little Ruthie!!!! I just LOVE the history too!

Lois said...

"Little Ruthie" will be a wonderful addition to your family and you will have many wonderful hours together playing. Perhaps you can stitch up something for the Inspiration Point Quilt Auction with her. Congratulations.

Lori said...

Oh, it is so beautiful and the story to go with it makes it even more precious. The previous owner must be feeling very good about sending it to you! I'm sure you'll have wonderful stories to share also.

teresa Trenkamp said...

I see that she is very lovely.I know that you are going to have so much fun with her. I have her younger sister Emma.Ihope you will grow to lover her like I do Emma. Best of sewing Terry