Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Packing Away Childhood

20 years ago our oldest daughter started receiving some "Barbie" dolls.  They were a popular gift and she acquired many.
10 years ago our youngest daughter also started getting quite the collection of she inherited her sister's suitcase full.
For the past few years we have had the "Barbie House" and too many dolls set up down in the laundry room, but they were mainly just collecting dust.
I mentioned to the girls they should sort though the mountain of dolls and clothes and decide what they would like to keep and the rest will be "adopted out".  Well....Oldest Daughter didn't hesitate to tell me she didn't want anything except some little Quints she had when she was younger.
I dreaded to think what Youngest Daughter would deem worthy of preserving because she tends to have a hard time parting with sentimental things.  I invisioned all 4 suitcases overflowing with every little doll shoe and article she ever played with.
She surprised me.
I think she surprised herself.

I was pleased she wanted to keep the tiny little dolls that I special ordered crocheted clothing for one Christmas....

But it was a sad moment for me as I watched her easily close the latch on only one suitcase of dolls.
Part of her childhood....packed away.....where did the time go?

Now to take care of the rest of the dolls before she changes her mind!!!


Barb said...

Oh....that would be hard.

Joanne Lendaro said...

I know that feeling!! Experienced the same feeling when we packed away my daughter's American Girl doll. I think it bothered me more than her...really sad.

Lori said...

I can relate! It was hard putting American Girl dolls and barbies up in the attic!! My daughter wanted none! I'm the one who was sentimental.

quiltmom said...

It is funny the things that our children regard as special versus the things we think that they regard as special.
My grandmother had a game of cards that I loved called Authors. A good friend found me a copy of it on Ebay- it is one of most treasured possessions. ( Unfortunately the cards to my grans got misplaced and separated over the years).
It is nice that your girls could solve the sorting so easily.
You are right that they do grow up so quickly.

Rana said...

Oh this makes me nervous for you! My girls did something similar with their mountain of paper dolls and littlest pet shops. And we were all glad to see them go. But then they got a little older ( in their 20s)and remembered how much they loved those dolls and pets. Now they both really really regret having gottem rid of them. It comes up every now and again with such sadness that it makes me feel sad for them. I know it is silly but... If those dolls were among their favorites you might want to re-think it.
I know, I know unsolicited advice... but I am a fellow blogger, so somehow that might make it ok :)