Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hanging With The Chickens

These crazy chickens found their way home with me this past week.  Double click on the photo and get a good look at them....they are made out of a gem stone for the eye!  They were a popular "art form" "back in the day".

First I planned on hanging them in my husband's office as a joke.....but I worried one of his patients might see them hanging where his diplomas usually hang....not very "professional"...but he would have thought it was funny.

Instead I hung them in Friendie's closet.
We have a closet off the kitchen that use to have the washer and dryer in it....but when there were 10 people living here I decided to have the laundry moved to the for now, there are toys in the closet.....and some chickens hanging out on the wall.

I also found some sweet needlepoint pictures when I was thrifting...they are also hanging in Friendie's closet.

There isn't much space, but it has lots of light and doors that close when he is done playing.
It is his kitchen.....

 he cooks up some mighty fine bacon and eggs...
 and the coffee is always on!!


Barb said...

Those chickens are awesome!!!

Joanne Lendaro said...

What a great little rooom!! AND I LOVE the color!! Remember the name?? I'm trying to find something like that for my kitchen.

Lori said...

I remember seeing those chickens when they were so popular. They are so cute and look perfect in the kitchen!!