Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Grampie and his best 'helper'....yes...I know he isn't wearing any pants....he needed something clean to put on when he was done 'working'.
I am baffled by my photo uploading problems.  I can see all of my photos in my photo files, until I go to Blogger and try to upload them....then the most recent photos are missing.
I thought I would show you my new fireplace doors this week.....and I have been trying....and I will keep on trying....but for now....I will just pull out a few random photos that Blogger has actually loaded.

We recently had many trees removed from our property.  We had two monster trees growing too close to our house and they were causing stress on our roof.  We had a few trees that were almost dead....they needed to go.  But then we had a bunch of trees that we chose to remove so we could plant some garden boxes - and the sun would actually reach them.
I took pictures of my garden boxes.
Maybe some day Blogger will let me post them.

I was so pleased that our lilacs finally bloomed this year.  We planted them quite a few years ago and each year there have only been leaves.  

We are making major changes in our backyard this least we will be if this rain ever lets up!

Our second son is moving out.
He has a 6 month apartment lease in CO with his friend.
The mountains are calling.
I will miss him.

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