Thursday, June 9, 2011

So Sweet!

I found this sweet (unused) dress at the Goodwill this week.
Who doesn't keep such a treasure??!!!
I want to say, "Shame on you!" to the person who donated it....they obviously do not know the hours that went into crocheting it.
If I could, I would let the maker of the dress know this....
I have the perfect little sweetheart to pass it on to....and her mommy will adore it!

The sun was shining through it in the first actually is bright pink.
I would guess it to be a size 3T or 4T.
I really wanted to try it on Friendie today....but I didn't.  :)


Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Lovely and such a treasure--I would have snapped it up too. Jolly Good !~!

Betty Lou said...

Makes you wonder, but I am glad when you can find such a keepsake. I honor the lady that made the cross stitch sampler that I found in an antique shop for $7.00 a couple of weeks ago. We can keep their memory alive by taking care of their work and passing it on.

Lois said...

Good for you to find and APPRCIATE the treasure! Even better that you have can pass it along to someone.

I like the new summery banner.