Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cheerful Surprises

I have been missing Christine over at A Simple Quilter.
She posted a blog update and I was so pleased to hear from her that I commented right away!  I am amazed at her knitting skills and I just had to comment on the dish towels she is making right now.
She asked me for my mailing address....and a few days later this arrived!

She sent me one of her very yummy dish towels!

Tucked inside was another surprise....
a delicious bar of Green Apple Pear soap!

Her talents amaze me!  She knows I am a sock-knitting wannabe....and I will be one of these days....hopefully sooner than later.  She even sent me a little sock ornament pattern....which I am excited to work on.
Thank you Christine....your gifts have blessed me!

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no spring chicken said...

Wow ~ what a generous blog friend you have! I love it all.

I am amazed at the love extended in this happy little circle of friends. When I began blogging I thought that I would just enjoy putting down thoughts and pictures as a type of journal. I had no idea that I would make real friends this way. It's just a wonderful bonus!

Blessings, Debbie