Monday, June 13, 2011

Empty Can Be Good Or Bad

An empty freezer can be a good thing.
When you really need one....and you finally get it.
When it is stocked full of meat....and it feeds your family for a long time.
When it really needs a good cleaning....and you finally do it.

An empty freezer can be a bad thing.
When it is stocked full of meat....and the door gets left open.
(When you are away from home for a weekend)
When you have to start over filling it up.
(After throwing away hundreds of dollars)
  When it needs cleaning because it is full of nastiness.
(And you end up with the job)



Karen said...

Oh, this happened to us once and we lost 3/4 of a side of beef. What a horrible stinking mess that was!
We made a homeowners insurance claim and we were able to replace the fridge that died with a newer used one and buy more meat as it came on sale.

Donna said...

Be grateful it was only a weekend. My experience was a week's vacation - summer that was. This too will pass!

Teresa said...

Oh that is just awful. What a homecoming.

christine said...

ugghh!!! sorry this happened...

The door of our freezer was once left ajar by one of the children looking for ice cream treats. We lost everything that I had grown and frozen our last year at our farm in addition to all of the meat that I had gotten on sale. I was crushed to throw away all that sweet corn and the baby peas that I had worked so hard for.