Thursday, September 8, 2011

She Didn't Have To....But She Did

This is my link to my boys.
Neither of them are living in the state.
Neither of them answer their phone calls.
Both of them are prompt to return a text.
I need this link.

My link failed me last week.
The same time one son was traveling for 14 hours.
It was very unsettling.

I have had the phone for a long time.
I know I could "upgrade" my phone.
But I DID NOT want to upgrade.
If I wasn't feeling so unsettled, I would have just ordered a phone off eBay to replace it....we have done that for the kids in the past.

So I drove over to our AT&T store.
Bemoaning the expense of a phone when you do not chose to "upgrade".

When I got there, two employees were going on break.
That left me alone with a very young sales girl.

I confess...I started to wonder if I should come back later.

I told her my phone would no longer text....
she told me I am eligible for an upgrade....
I told her I really didn't want to have to do that right now.

Maybe it was my forlorn look...
or maybe it was my shabby appearance (I had been pulling weeds)....
or maybe I reminded her of her mother (hopefully not her grandmother)....
but she told me something.

She told me if I went over to Walmart or Target they carry GO PHONES.
They are a prepaid phone...BUT....
you can take your SIM card from your AT&T phone and insert it in the GO PHONE and it will work off of the plan you already have.
She could have sold me a $250 phone...
but she sent me to Walmart...
and I paid $64.

Not only does the GO PHONE do what I need it to do...
the font is much bigger and I can actually see it without wearing my glasses!

That young sales girl didn't make any money off my visit....
but she earned my gratitude and admiration!

She didn't have to....but she did...
and we will be back to see her when we do decide to upgrade!


Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Can we clone that salesgirl please ?~!

mummybear said...

That's lovely!

Joanne Lendaro said...

Cute post! congrats on the deal!!

Karen said...

These go phones were lifesavers when my teens would damage their phones. One viberated it's way off the seat of a chair being used as a nightstand and ended up landing in a glass of cola. Would have been a one in a million shot--if there hadn't been multiple targets to hit! (I don't miss teenage messy rooms!)

Their Dad and I provided the first phone, since then they've been responsible for any replacement for ooopsies and for their own upgrades.

When these phones first came out, they cost $20, so they were really affordable for naughty teens who dive into the bay forgetting the phone in their shorts pockets! LOL