Monday, October 3, 2011

Searching For Milli

I am drawn to oil paintings.
I pick up landscapes here and there.
Paintings done by 'artists' of differing abilities.
I find them serene. 
I hang them in my home.

I don't have much of an interested in portraits.
Unless you know the person being painted....big deal.
 when I walked into the Goodwill and this portrait was sitting on the shelf...
I brought her home.

I think she is lovely!

Painted by M. Oden 1969

On the back is written:
"Cindy" '69
by Milli Oden
Oil on jute canvas panel mounted in old frame

Once again I wondered how this could end up in the Goodwill.
So I decided to search for Milli Oden.

I think I found her.

Mildred "Milli" Oden 

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Oden, Mildred "Milli" Nee Rahn, age 86 Longtime Hopkins Artist Passed away on July 14 after a brief illness. Milli was the elder daughter of Albert and Emily (Scherer) Rahn of Rosemount. In 1946, she married her late husband Gordon and moved to Hopkins in 1953. She loved being an artist. Milli was known for her portraitures, redwood forest scenes, driftwood and angel paintings. Milli is survived by her son, Dale (Alice) of Shoreview, grandsons, Patrick of Roseville, Ross of St. Louis Park, sister, Agnes "Ronnie" Hunt of North Branch, nieces, nephews and cousins. Visitation: July 18, 4-7pm, memorial service at 7pm, Roseville Memorial Chapel, 2245 Hamline Ave. N, (1 blk Blk.So. of Hwy 36), Roseville. 651-631-2727.


Betty Lou said...

What a find, so glad you rescued this little girl. I am drawn to paintings and art work of children

Lori said...

It is beautiful. How interesting to have found the artist too.

jules said...

It is a gorgeous painting. So beautiful, so serene.

Jodi said...

What a really neat story behind the beautiful painting.
It is so sad that it ended up in the Goodwill.

I have a friend who hangs pictures that she finds at auctions, etc. in her home. She is surrounded by old photographs of people she doesn't know when she brings them home, but who become friends through the years.

I am glad, too, that you rescued this painting.
and have the story to go with it.

:) Jodi

Joanne Lendaro said...

Beautiful painting!! Sad story....

Carylee Kensler said...

She often signed work m & m oden. She will live forever in her art. She loved her angel paintings most of all being a living angel herself. She did a pastel portrait of me in 1990 and made me an angel too. She captured each person's essence in her art. Carylee kensler

Carylee Kensler said...

Not a sad story. A blessed story of discovery of magical affordable art. I believe she sent the piece to you, because it awakened something in you.

alohakakou2u said...

I was given a painting by "Milli" back in 1992 as a wedding gift and have treasured it.
It has been in Hawai'i now for 20 years.

mamamarnie said...

Does anyone know if Milli's angel portraits still exist or have ever been made into prints?

I knew Milli when I lived in Minneapolis. When I was 7 months pregnant with my son, I went to a show she was having. There seemed to be an active communication between my baby and her angels. I would SO like to seem them again!

Vashon Island, WA

Bob Chobsey said...

I'm so happy I found this post! I visited the Goodwill in Hudson, WI today and couldn't take my eyes off this piece! I couldn't believe i found it at Goodwill. On the back it says ''Tina'' ''by Maria Milli Oden. An Oden Original - oil on driftwood'' Since I got home my girlfriend and I have been actively researching trying to find her, as we are both so captivated by her piece and want to see more, maybe speak with her as we are both aspiring artists our selves. The details on the womans face and hair are just remarkable. Heartbroken to find out she has passed. Feel free to email me for pictures of this incredible piece, or send me more info on her. Honored to have found this piece from a local legend. Thank you Milli for blessing so many with your talents