Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Thrifting USA

My thrifting thrills are no secret.
But maybe you didn't know my main hunt is for items that are/were Made in the USA.
I have concerns about the abuse of labor that occurs in many countries, and I prefer to support US made whenever possible.....even if it just coming from a thrift store.  :)
This sweet sifter came home with me last week.  It is nice and clean and totally useable.  Could you leave it behind for $1.99?

Thank you for taking time to look at all the good things that Apple Valley Natural Soap has to offer.  The winner of the drawing for the free bar of soap goes to Deb!
We are in for another cold night here in Minnesota.....but warmer days are coming......(more on that later).


Deb said...

THANK YOU!!! I had such a fun time over at Apple Valley picking out my fragrance of soap. I ended up choosing the same scent I commented I liked on the post when you asked our favorite. I'm looking forward to receiving one of her bars!

Betty Lou said...

Good find------The ABC evening news is doing a series about Made In America this week. Good wake-up call, I know I am going to be more aware. Look at all the fabric, quilt books, and notions that come from overseas.

Homemanager said...

Sheila, thanks so much for hostessing the give away! Yay, Deb! I had fun looking at the Apple Valley site and reading about the different soaps and fragrances. I will be over there again.