Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cathedral Window

I find Cathedral Window quilts to be very charming.  I have never actually attempted to make one, but I did go as far as bookmarking a tutorial on this blog a year or so ago.
This sweet little doll quilt has recently moved from my mom's curio cabinet to the top of my piano (for now).
I am hoping to become inspired!


Judy S. said...

I'd forgotten how pretty that pattern is! Are you going to make a big one?

Lori said...

Very sweet quilt! I always thought it looked like a really hard pattern. I'll enjoy them when I see them but don't really ahve a desire to make one.

Teresa said...

Hi - If you would like I will send you a pattern I wrote for Catherdral Window quilts that makes it so much easier to make and a lot sturdier than the traditional handpiecing. Just send me your address if you are interested and I will put it in the mail to you.