Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I was not born yet in 1955, but our Grandparents were living and were close to the age we are now....which seems strange to think about.
My husband's Grandparents ran a little store in Galchutt, ND....there was a lunch counter where Grandma offered meals....and she was the Post Mistress.
I have a framed flyer from their Opening Day that hangs in my kitchen.  I wish sugar was still 10 pounds for $1.....and 4 rolls of tissue was still .29.....we do use quite a bit of both in our busy household.

This phone hung in my Gram's kitchen.  I remember her talking on it.....and sometimes "rubber necking".  She lived close to most of her family and they kept the phone lines connected until her own mother passed away.....because Granny never did have any of those "newfangled" contraptions in her house.  I remember dreading long visits at Granny's house because I didn't want to use the out house....and I always had to because she had the coldest, sweetest water that we would "pump" out in her kitchen.
The phone now hangs in my kitchen, and it gives me a warm feeling when I remember those days long ago.
And now.....we have cell phones.....


Lori said...

Taht is so sweet that you have this memorabilia!! I wish those were today's prices too;)

Judy S. said...

What wonderful mementos of time gone by. Don't you wonder what our kids and grandkids will save?

soggibottom said...

gulp. I was born in '55 :-)

soggibottom said...

I'm not that old though... really honestly and I never fib :-) x x x