Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Whole Fleet

I have to share my most recent discovery with you....
or I would not be a good friend.

Floyd makes wooden toys.
He sells them on etsy and locally.

The first time I purchased one of his toys (a mother duck pull toy with a string of baby ducks), I asked the shop owner if they were made in China...because they were so inexpensive.

I am SO ashamed I asked that question.

I found out not only does Floyd make the toys himself, he mills wood that he cuts from his own property!!

I have my eye on his bigger boats, but for now I picked up a fleet of these little gems.
I thought they would make great little gifts.

Floyd practically gives them away sells them for $5.00.
Yes...for $5.00 you can pick out a red, yellow, blue or natural Rubberband Boat!
I haven't met Floyd (yet),
but It think it is fair to say his toys are


I also think it is fair to say....
Floyd is the one who is a good friend!


Joani said...

That is so cute. And, American made...yeah. Thanks for sharing.

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