Wednesday, June 20, 2012


We have been having heavy rains and storms this week here in Minnesota.
Today Duluth, MN is having flooding.
The polar bear, Berlin, has escaped from the Duluth Zoo due to flooding!!!!
It would not be a good day to visit.

We spent last weekend in Duluth.
Grandma's Marathon was the featured event.
My husband had his second best marathon finishing time despite the heat, humidity and vomiting the last 7 miles.  Of course he was hoping for his best time ever....but those last 7 miles really did him in.
Afterwards he insisted this was his last full marathon.
I have heard that one before.
He said, "I mean it this time!"
Well, we were barely home and he was talking about the Chicago Marathon in he has already bought his airline ticket....and is sponsoring World Vision....and really should be supporting his friends.
I just gave him a hug and told him I wouldn't hold him to his post race puking declarations.....
to which he replied, "I haven't forgotten the puking".
Then he started talking about if/when they get into the New York Marathon.
Good Grief!!!!

I have not been to Duluth for many years.   I would have enjoyed some site seeing and shopping.
That is not something you ask your companions to do after running 26.2 miles!

After reading about Duluth Pack in a Country Living Magazine a year or so ago, I have been interested in checking them out.  I thought it would make a great Duluth souvenir.

guess what???

I made a quick stop at our local Goodwill on Monday evening.
the exact Duluth Pack purse I was interested in!!!!
For $170 LESS than I would have paid in Duluth!!!

(Every Monday our Goodwill gets a truck in from Duluth with donations)


Lois said...

Our son lives in Duluth and has water in his basement. We are going there this weekend (if the roads are open) but it won't be to shop at Duluth Pack. The time will be spent with bleach and a brush! Enjoy your new purse.

Wade Swenson said...

Your husband sounds like a great friend.