Monday, June 11, 2012

African Baskets

I have a thing for baskets.
I especially like my grass baskets from Ghana.

I have many baskets.
They all have a use.

Three of them stay in my car for grocery shopping.
They are awesome for hauling heavy or potentially dirty stuff because they are super strong and are easily cleaned with water.
The carry-out guys appreciate them because they hold a LOT of groceries and make their job easier.

Only one problem...
3 baskets don't hold all my groceries!

So I placed an order here for 3 more last week.
They come squished.
I wet them down and formed their shape...
now I am all set to stock up on groceries this week!!!


Colleen said...

I have one I bought in Munic an I love it!

Milah said...

I love those. And their GREEN which is a plus!