Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Stained Glass Rip Off

We have this local Buy, Sell, Swap Facebook thing going on.
I like to check it out once in a while.

I noticed a stained glass window for sale.
The photo was poor.
I asked a few questions and decided to buy it.

The sellers were late....
very late.
We met in front of Target...
that was good...
the husband kind of spooked me out.

I had cash.
He had the window.

He said, "Do you want it?"
I said, "Put it in my backseat...please."

I gave him the money...
One of us got ripped off....
but it wasn't ME!



Betty Lou said...

It's georgeous and also make a great header for your blog. Hugs

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

You scored BIG, Girlfriend, I too love stained glass and that is a stunning demonstration of the art. Lucky girl, I am happy for you. Enjoy it for a lifetime.

Pat said...

It must be very large as it is sitting in a good sized window....and so pretty.

Lori said...

It is lovely! And I agree you got the best deal!!

Teresa said...

A very pretty purchase. I know you will enjoy it for many years.

Joanne Lendaro said...

The window is beautiful! Love the clear gems in it. Is it old, I can't tell from your pictures, it looks Mission style. The May Day flowers were so cute! How fun it must be at your house!

Emily!! What a beautie! Natural looks very, very good on her. Happy to see not painted up like so many others her age.

Vegan Sandwich - ummm..not my style, I'd have to see the movie (Forks Over Knives) to scare me into the whole thing, I'm a meat and potato's kinda gal.

Cute basket-too bad they are bombarding you with annoying emails.

Good catching up with you!!!