Sunday, April 29, 2012

Prom Night

Junior/Senior Prom was last night.
Emily has some great memories.
And she looked so cute.  ;)

I didn't think I should post pictures of her friends, even though I am pretty sure there will be hundreds of photos uploaded to Facebook....when those tired friends wake up.

My sister hosted the group photo session at her house.
(I haven't seen any of those pictures yet).

We hosted the meal at our house.
Emily was the hostess at one of the tables...

and my niece was hostess at the other table.
The Troll table decorations are an ongoing joke.  :)

It has been a full week of family around here....
which makes for a full week of cooking and laundry.
Sorry it has been rather quiet in this spot lately.


Pat said...

Em looks so nice.......hate to see the baby cousins growing into young ladies........but such wonderful young ladies and I thank the Lordfor that

Mac said...

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