Monday, April 16, 2012

Down The Vegan Road

It all began last week.
Our friend (Oncologist) had been on a Vegan diet for 2 weeks.
He stumbled upon a documentary on Netflix.
He ordered the DVD and sent it home with my (mocking) husband.
My husband (Family Medicine Physician), watched it.
The next day my husband informed me he would also be following a Vegan diet.

I made him oatmeal.
(added almonds, dates, dried cranberries and coconut....served with Almond milk)

We are talking about a man who loves meat....and eggs....and dairy!
What was in that DVD that could make him take such 'drastic' measures?

I decided I needed to find out for myself.
I watched it.
It makes a lot of sense.

So I will prepare some Vegan foods for him/us.
Sister, on the other hand, said she isn't ready to give up her bacon.  :)

Vegan recipes greatly appreciated.


Jodi said...

You're making me wonder what it is you found.
I may need to get brave and take a look...
I've been having a hard time blogging lately too.
Blogger's Block?
Good to see you,
:) Jodi

Lori said...

You should check out Fat, Sick and Nearly dead. It's on my netflix queue...Good luck on your vegan quest!!

Maren said...

Found your blog through the FFAR blog! I am not vegan, but prepare many vegan meals for my fiance and myself! People think, "how will you get your protein?!" We try to stick to natural ways of getting protein and some of my favorites include: edamame (shelled or not), quinoa, spinach, broccoli, kale, etc. I also LOVE nutritional yeast for a cheese replacement! We use quinoa to replace brown rice in stir-fry. It's also a great sub for oatmeal in the morning!

Anonymous said...

Hi shela,
I loved reading your blog. We have some of the same interest. I look forward to going through your back post.