Friday, March 16, 2012

Pottery People

I know...I have been pretty quiet here this past week.
Lots of fun family stuff going on....
and the sun is shining!!!!

I recently took these photos to send to an old friend.
We met 'back in the day' through Bible camp.
Chopper is a potter.

These are two of my favorite pieces of pottery in my house.
I took the photos at this angle so Chopper (aka Darrel Bowman) would be able to remember he made them!  I did mention we met 'back in the day'.  ;)

You don't forget someone when you are using their practical art.

This honey pot has been in my kitchen(s) these past 25 years.

Chopper/Darrel took a 20 year hiatus from his pottery business.
Now he is back!
He told me he has some honey pots coming up.
So I thought I would share his etsy link just in case you are one of us 'Pottery People'.


camp and cottage living said...

My DH uses honey everyday on his toast. This would be perfect for him!

Betty Lou said...

Beautiful pottery, glad Copper is going back to his love of making pottery. It is a gift from God.