Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Great Grandpa's Quilt

Great Grandpa Ed lived a long life.
I remember him.
Old and kind,
 but sort of scary.

Grandpa lost an eye in his younger days.
I think that is what made him seem kind of scary.

Grandpa loved farming.
He was known to head to 'Dakota' to help with harvest.
He took a heavy old quilt to keep him warm.

That quilt saw many, many years.

Now it lives on in squares....

one with each of Grandpa Ed's Great-Grandchildren.

I filled them with crushed walnut shells.

I am using mine as a pin cushion.

Not all of Grandpa's 20 Great Grandchildren even knew him,
but I made them a square anyway.

50% of the quilt had unrepairable holes...
not bad for a 100 year old quilt!

Great Grandpa Ed looking less 'scary' with his glass eye.  :)


Milah said...

Grandpa Ed reminds me of Jack's dad. First, he was blind in one eye due to an accident during WWII while manufacturing airplane wings. And second, they both had big hands! That's the first thing I noticed in the first picture. Large hands, but gentle I'm sure.
I think the pin cushions are a great idea, they'll last another 100 years.

Betty Lou said...

What a loving remembrance of your great-grandfather. he had strong loving hands, I'm sure.

Mad about Craft said...

A lovely idea!

My husband lost an eye to cancer in 2010. He looks kind of scary when he hasn't got his eye in. I joked with over Halloween that he could scare small children.

Lori said...

What a great idea!! How nice to do this for the family.