Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Shout Out For Old Gate's Farm!

I really like homemade soap.
I like it a lot.

My supply was getting low.
Very low.

Three nights ago I decided to order some soap.
I follow the Old Gate's Farm blog.
They make and sell soap.
The rustic look sucked me in. :)

It was my very first Esty experience.
Total rookie!
I placed an order.
I wanted two of each soap.
I only ordered one.
I sent an email to Kris.
She set up an Etsy special order listing for me.
Not only did she adjust the shipping, but she must have packaged my order and mailed it at dawn's first light!!!   :)

Three nights ago I ordered soap.
Now that is customer service!!!!

Its not too late to get some stocking stuffers my friends!

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MummaMarie said...

Thanks for the post! Enjoy! :)