Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Missing Minnesota Boy

One son didn't get to come home for Christmas.
He moved to CO this past summer.
He is working 3 part time jobs (although teaching snowboarding doesn't really seem like work).

Back in October, when I went to my Quilt Retreat, I stopped at our local quilt shop before leaving town.
I spotted a quilt made up by a local quilter using 2011 Minnesota fabrics.

I decided it would make a great quilt for my Minnesota Boy.
So I made it for him for Christmas.

 I sent it to him and he opened it on Christmas eve.
He was all alone...with the cats...and sounded pretty lonesome.
I am sure he (and the cats) enjoyed wrapping up in his Minkee backed quilt.

Jill Fischer designed this quilt pattern.
She also machine quilted it for me.
She does lovely work.
(When her website is up again, I will share her link)

I made asked her to pose for a photo...
and sign my pattern.  :)

I added a large border so it would fit my 6'2 Minnesota Boy.

And in case you are wondering why I call him my Minnesota Boy....

one summer, while on a road trip with his cousin, he came home with this...
on his thigh! really is that large....
kids now days....
gotta love em!


Chris said...

Oh my that real? Hope he loves his Minnesota quilt.

Jodi said...

Precious post. It brought tears to my eyes. Have a happy New Year, Sheila!