Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mice, Stockings and Mom and Dad

My daughter called with some bad news.
Mice had found their way into her Christmas decorations.
It appears they have been living there for a long time.
Every thing that was fabric was chewed up,
and everything that wasn't fabric had "moisture" damage.

 Dad immediately got on the internet and researched the best way to take care of the rodent issue.
He has been quite successful.

A snowman runner that I had made her the Christmas we weren't together was ruined....
so were their Christmas stockings.

Even though I still have the pattern for that snowman runner....
I made 5 of them....
total burn out!

I knew I could replace their Christmas stockings pretty easily.
So yesterday I came up with these.

They are reversible.
She didn't think she wanted names on them,
but I can still add them if she changes her mind.

Take that you nasty mice!!!!


Chris said...

Oh my......I found that even the Rubbermaid totes need to be sealed. There is a small hold in the underside of the handle from the manufacturing mold and that needs to have a duct tape treatment. No mice problem but I had some type of insect eat the glittery foam fruit ornaments one year. No problems after sealing off that small spot.

Sweet stockings.....she'll be happy, Mom.

Lori said...

They are so sweet! I'm sure they will be treasured and hopefully the mice will stay out of them this time.

Joanne Lendaro said... sorry!! The stockings sure are cute!

T.J. said...

HI there! I stumbled over here from Mckmama's- I LOVED the dog photography comment you left over there.

Your blog is so cozy and the stockings are adorable. So glad I could come on over to meet you :)

Diane H said...

Beautiful stockings, Sheila. My mother found her box of decorations had been visited as well. Not sure who the culprit was but they moved almonds from the kitchen cupboard into the decorations box in the basement.