Monday, May 2, 2011

Befriending Bloggers

It is interesting how following along in the life of someone you have never even met can give such feelings of 'friendship'.
How they can introduce you to their family and their home and you feel like you have been there for a warm and friendly visit.

Please take a moment and meet Sherry and her family.

But there are times when along with the "warm" and the "good" visits, there are times of utter heartache.  And although you may have never met your blog friends, it doesn't keep your heart from breaking for all they have to endure.

Please go to my side bar and read the last two entries that Robin has posted on her blog.

I am waiting on a mailing address from Robin since I don't know if Sherry will continue with her blog or not. 

I share this with you so you can join in praying for Sherry and her 13 children.


Lori said...

So, so sad.

Gretchen R said...

His son's words, about not asking God why he took his father, but instead thanking God for the time he had a godly father, is when I started crying. What a beautiful legacy those children have.

Betty Lou said...

That is almost too much pain to bare, I just can't imagine going on. My heart is heavy and the family will be in my prayers

Backwoods Woman said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and subscribing. Finding like-minded people is always a pleasure.
So very sad for your online friends. We have spent several days during the past week with tornados all around us and over us. Our little enclave was blessedly spared. Many prayers going up for those who were not as lucky.