Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Legitimate Excuses

I have been gone from my blog for a whole week!
What have I been doing?
I spent two days preparing for a houseful of company.
They stayed 3 days.
Then I spent 2 days recovering.

It was our annual basketball weekend.
This year we only had one team.
They never practiced together,
but ended up bringing home this amusing trophy in their division.

There were 28 people to plan food for, but only 12 slept here.
That wasn't bad.
What was "bad" was our dog.
Notice how skinny she looks.
After 3 days without eating and hardly able to drink, we knew we had to take her in.
She eats socks.
They usually make a re-appearance.
This time was different.
She needed surgery.
She had eaten a glove.
She looks happy here because I didn't put that ridiculous funnel collar back on her yet....(she chews on her stitches).

After things settled down a little, we did find some Family Game time.
Some games are much more entertaining when my Dad plays.  :)

Yesterday we had balmy weather and enjoyed our youngest daughter's track meet.
Last night Friendie spent the night.
See....I really do have "legitimate excuses"!!!


Diane H said...

Glad your pup is alright. Had a dog like that - lots of surprises at scoop time.

Betty Lou said...

You have had a busy time---you need a break. Glad doggie is O.K.

Joanne Lendaro said...

Great post!! Hope that crazy dog has learned his lesson, but probably not, lol!! Apples to Apples is one of our favs, and isn't it fun to have company, but nice when they leave?