Friday, April 1, 2011

Inside The Curio

A curio cabinet sits in the corner of my dining room.
Inside is full of treasures.
Some of them are mine, some of them belong to my children....all of them I hope get passed on some day.

 I probably should use the Pink Clover Depression cups...a gift from my husband when we lived in North Dakota...but that would mean transferring them out of the "keepsakes" into the china hutch....and well....the china hutch is rather full. :)

I did take out a few things not long make room for some new additions that had more sentimental value.

There are a few more things I could "weed out", but I am rather sentimental.
Hopefully there will be another "sentimental soul" in my family who will care for the treasures when I am finished enjoying them.

Thank you for following along with me even when my updates are few.

The names drawn from my two give-a-ways are:
The Pure Linen towel will be sent to Barb and the Angel Stamps will be moving over to Laurie's house.
Thanks to all who took time to leave a comment.


Barb said...

Oh...I so loved seeing your cabinet, what treasures...and thanks so much for the towel....yepeeee!!!

Betty Lou said...

I love to look in people's china cabinets, wonderful hand me down from loved ones and special treasures. Thank you for the peek into yours. I wonder where my treasures will go, it doesn't seem that any of my children care about "old stuff."
Were in N. Dakota, we were stationed at Minot AFB for 3 years and had a cabin on Lake Metagoshi..